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Request For Game or Update

Request For Game or Update

  • Name: Request For Game or Update
  • Developer(s): XTland
  • Publisher(s): XTland
  • Genre(s): You Know!
  • Released Date: As soon as possible
  • Version: You Know!
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If you don't see a game or game update in website you can ask us to post the game or update for downloading if it were possible!

Please tell us in the comments section, what game or update do you want to download!

Note:We can not post crack games!so don't request crack for game!
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Comments (13)
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  1. MRN109
    • 1
    • Heavenly sword pls ūü§©¬†
    • 11 November 2020 06:35
    1. yonesxtr
      Thank you for your request,it is in our list,we repack it soon and we will upload it!
      • 12 November 2020 16:38
  2. dakjar
    • 0
    need help with Ninja Gaiden 3..Have downloaded it but on setup he ask me for DISC 2???
    and for Ninja Gaiden Sigma I write password repack.xtland.com, he accept it but after finish with extracting, he write me data error wrong password?
    pls help
    • 13 December 2020 19:56
    1. yonesxtr
      Can you send us screenshot from it?
      It's seems your download file is corrupted.

      For ninja Gaden sigma, your file is corrupted and you have to download the file that you got error from it.
      • 14 December 2020 19:34
      1. dakjar
        • 0
        how can I send you screenshot..no psbl to attch anything??
        • 14 December 2020 19:45
        1. yonesxtr
          just upload your screenshot in https://imgur.com/upload and send the link
          • 15 December 2020 13:09
          1. dakjar
            • 0
            • 15 December 2020 13:50
            1. yonesxtr
              You don't extract file!
              First you have extract file! Use winrar to extract and then install the game
              • 16 December 2020 15:07
            2. dakjar
              • 0
              Have it now..But now white screen..dont have Vulkan under GPU.....
              • 16 December 2020 18:49
            3. yonesxtr

              Please go there and read the problem
              • 20 December 2020 14:27
  3. Chris Katz
    I am looking for a pc, exe of ninja gaiden black. I keep looking for it, and I only found viruses and malware. If anyone has the ability to make it to computer so many people would be thankful.
    • 14 December 2020 17:16
    1. yonesxtr

      The ninja gaiden sigma is the ninja gaiden black,you can download it in here

      • 14 December 2020 19:36
  4. shivt123
    PS3 GAMES:
    UFC Undisputed 3
    God of war Ascension
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Uncharted II
    Infamous 2
    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011
    WWE All Stars
    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    • 13 April 2021 13:58