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For copyright holders

For copyright holders

  • Name: Copyright Laws
  • Developer(s): My heart
  • Publisher(s): Me
  • Genre(s): Your heart
  • Released Date: Your heart
  • Version: Your heart
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As you can see in website,our games, updates and other contents is for the first time in the world!
We (Let me explain better, I am alone and manage the whole XTLand website 😅)I work day and night to make this content available to everyone!
If you share our contents in your website it's awesome!Thank you!But please be sure write our name as a provider and share our download link !
The download link brings us some income that helps us,buy games and put them for download, pay for hosting and make site more advanced!

So please help us to grow and make us to progress, not our failure!

With respect
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